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Say goodbye to mascara and hello to flawless lashes with our customizable eyelash extensions and touch-ups, paired with brow tinting for a complete look.
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Lash Extensions

If you’re looking to enhance your eyes, try eyelash extensions! With various materials and lengths available, you can customize the look of your eyelashes to fit your style. Extensions are applied one by one to the natural lash with a special adhesive, giving an instantly fuller and more dramatic look. Not only are they beautiful, but they can also be surprisingly low-maintenance.

Perfect for those days when you don’t have time to fill them in with makeup!

Brow Tint

Brow tinting is an excellent way to give your brows a boost of color and definition. Whether you want to bring out the natural shape of your brows or create a bolder, more dramatic look, tinting can do the trick! Tinting adds semi-permanent color to the hairs of your eyebrow, which enhances their color and shape without requiring any upkeep.

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Eyelash Lift
Get the appearance of longer, fuller lashes with a low-maintenance lash lift – no extensions needed.
Eyelash Extension Set
Enhance your natural lashes with a customized eyelash extension set, tailored to your desired look.
Eyelash Extension Fill
Refresh your lash extension set with a fill, maintaining their fullness and natural look.
Eyelash Extension Re-Touch
Keep your lash extensions looking flawless with a re-touch, fixing any gaps and extending their lifespan.
Eyelash Tinting
Transform light, sparse lashes with a semi-permanent tint, enhancing their color and volume.
Eyebrow Tinting
Define and enhance your brows with a semi-permanent tint, perfect for light or sparse brows.
Eyebrow Lamination
Shape and set unruly brows with eyebrow lamination, achieving a fuller, defined, and long-lasting look.

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